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About my artworks

Since my childhood, I have been drawn to art as an emotional catalyst, as it has enabled me to identify a range of emotions that were previously unknown to me. When I was 15 years old, I developed a passion for cinematography, which led me to begin writing. I typically composed poems or stories that explored the lives of individuals and their experiences, often focusing on stories that were seldom discussed. I was drawn to these stories because they felt authentic and genuine, as opposed to the idealized happy endings often found in fairy tales. As I continued to delve deeper into myself and my writing, I began to visualize the scenes and characters of my stories in vivid detail. This newfound confidence led me to translate my writing into paintings.

My objective as an artist is to allow my audience to feel acknowledged and understood, and through this process, I aspire to help people explore the intricate and multifaceted emotions that they may not have previously recognized, much like the way I was impacted by art as a source of emotional stimulus. As an artist, my goal is to offer my audience a sense of solace and comfort in a world that can often feel chaotic and isolating.

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